Open Bar.

Open Bar is an a cappella group from the greater Seattle area with two things in common: a love of good music and good times. A  concoction of scientists, 9 to 5ers and struggling musicians, shaken and served over ice in a fancy glass. We sing tunes that stir up feelings, emotions and memories...songs that just  make you feel good! Our goal is to make new and lasting memories with each other and the audience; come along for the ride and we'll take care of you. Choral, pop, barbershop and more...


Open bar: A top shelf cocktail for your ears.

Allison Cherry

Brian Kirkness 

Melissa Landowski

Jordyn Day Meeker

Ian Skavdahl

Sam Waterhouse

ideo/audio coming soon for Harmony Sweeps Audition!

Afterall, you wouldn't want anything but our best...right?


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